What is the Bitcave?

The Bitcave is a digital self-defense system in the form of a secret wifi hotspot that helps you visit websites without being tracked or censored, communicate anonymously, and download and share files securely and in private. Think of it as your secret digital headquarters, one that helps protect your online autonomy, prevent censorship, and preserve your right to anonymous speech and free association.

Bitcave Topology

The Bitcave is designed to support free speech and subvert censorship. The Bitcave project seeks to promote democracy and social participation by fostering the free flow of information on the Internet. [More…]

Why is Privacy Important?

There’s nothing wrong with asserting your right to privacy. Whether you’re planning a political campaign, discussing your taxes, or having a private romance, you have the right to confidential communications. Privacy is a necessary component of liberty. And it provides breathing room to engage in the process of self-development, free from the influences, restraints and judgements of our society and culture. [More…]

How do I Build a Bitcave?

You can build your own Bitcave by visiting the Quick Start Guide. Our target hardware is the GL.iNet Router which you can purchase for under USD $30. [More…]

Free as in Freedom

Bitcave helps protect your digital freedoms by utilizing only Free Open Source Software. It is produced by the creators of the internationally acclaimed PirateBox DIY anonymous offline networking system and it is protected under copyleft (GPL3).