Bitcave FAQs.

What is the Bitcave?

The Bitcave is a wireless router that creates several private encrypted channels for secure online communication. It is a digital self-defense system in the form of a secret wifi hotspot that helps you visit websites without being tracked or censored, communicate anonymously, and download and share files securely and in private. Think of it as your secret digital headquarters, one that helps protect your online autonomy, prevent censorship, and preserve your right to anonymous speech and free association.

How does it work?

The Bitcave utilizes inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware in concert with several trusted open source networking and privacy enhancing technologies to create encyrpted channels for digital communication. Our target hardware is the GL.iNet Router(approximately USD$30) though Bitcave will work with many OpenWrt compatible routers. You can learn more about the technologies behind the Bitcave by visiting the Quick Start Guide, the Bitcave Wiki and the Bitcave Forum.

Is it safe?

The Bitcave can serve as an important tool on your digital privacy utility belt. However, safety on the Inernet is a relative term. While using the Bitcave can certainly help to anonymize your online communications and activities, it is definitely not a “silver bullet” * solution. In fact, you should be very cautious about any platform or device that purports to provide you with full privacy and anonymity. For information about other free (as in freedom) privacy enhancing technologies, visit the Privacy Toolbox page on the Bitcave Wiki.

Can I modify my Bitcave?

Yes, of course! The Bitcave is copylefted (GPLv3) and was built to be modded and hacked. Please visit the Bitcave Forum for ideas, support, and to share your mods.

Does the Bitcave promote illegal activity?

Absolutely not. The Bitcave is designed to support free speech and subvert censorship. The Bitcave project seeks to promote democracy and social participation by fostering the free flow of information on the Internet.

Why is privacy important?

There are many legitimate reasons for people to seek out privacy and to anonymize their online activities and identies. Visit the Privacy page on the Bitcave Wiki for a more in-depth discussion about the value and importance of privacy in our digital world.

Is the Bitcave open source?

Bitcave only utilizes Free Open Source Software. The Bitcave project is protected under copyleft (GPL3) and the material on the Bitcave website is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Why is it called the Bitcave?

The name Bitcave was partly inspired by the Batcave, the secret headquarters of the DC Comics superhero Batman, which consists of a series of subterranean caves beneath his (Bruce Wayne’s) residence. The “bit” in Bitcave refers to binary digits, the smallest units of data in digital computing and communications.

Who helps build the Bitcave?

The Bitcave Project is produced and supported by the creators of the internationally acclaimed PirateBox DIY anonymous offline networking system. It was created by David Darts @daviddarts and the Lead Developer is Matthias Strubel @matthiasstrubel. The Bitcave project is actively supported by developers, testers, and users all over the world.

Where can I learn more and discuss the Bitcave?

Visit the Bitcave Forum to discuss the Bitcave, share your builds, and receive support. You can also follow us on Twitter for Bitcave project news and updates.